What Interviewers Love and Hate

We’ve met very few people who love interviews, in fact, the over whelming majority appear totally comfortable stating they hate them.   Love or hate them it’s a realistic scenario that you will be required to undergo another interview in the next 5 years.  From these we usually decide our fate for the next few years on things like salary, career path, and overall happiness.  Most of know the basics but that’s the problem everyone does it so how do we stand out.  Learn from our insider account of what the interviewer loves and hates at an interview:

Interviewers HATE:

That the only reason you are looking for a new job is money.  Got a history of that? Reputation or is it apparent on your resume? EVEN WORSE!

When you are late!

Almost professional attire.  Remember the tie, lengthen the skirt, and wear slacks.

Smelling you before they can see you.  We all shower before interviews but some of us bath in cologne or perfume.  Most interviews are in tiny enough rooms that are not forgiving to the nose, go subtle!

When you don’t have enough copies of your resume in hand.  Sure they should have it from the three times you emailed but you not having it just points out that fault in them instead of pointing out the attributes in you.

When you don’t know anything about the company.  They know about you and want to learn more; the same should apply for you towards them.

When you are too cocky.  Confidence is a positive thing but humility most often accompanies it and is necessary to join a professional team.


Interviewers LOVE:

When you are on time! Which means 10-15 minutes early, no earlier.

Preparation.  When you show up and already know some of the company history, the requirements of the position, and perhaps some of the projects you might be working on you sort of already fit right in.

Confidence with the ability to honestly answer “I don’t know, but I will learn”

Calmness under pressure.

Good communication skills, answering questions effectively without taking up more time than is necessary

When you close the conversation and tell them you want the job and would like to know what the next steps are.

Thank them for their time!

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