Gateway Essentials is an executive search firm that specializes in the government contracting industry.

Our tremendous success comes from three things; superior customer service, building long lasting relationships, and fulfilling on our promises.

We take the time to understand what our clients’ needs are, and deliver candidates that not only fill that need but also ensure it’s a position they desire. It’s a client and candidate match making process that we have perfected.

We are government contracting industry experts. We know what the challenges are of the past, the current marketplace, and we know what’s on the horizon. Being in sync with the upcoming requirements from the government allows us to work with our clients to make the impactful hires they need before their competition. Timing is everything, and when time is limited getting a head start on hiring the right personnel is vital to success.

Industry Specializations include Healthcare, Energy, Defense, Cybersecurity and Civilian Federal. Professions include but are not limited to: Business Development/Capture Management, Program Management, Operations, Pricing, Proposals, IT, and Legal Counsel.

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